Greg Banks

I was fortunate to meet Greg last year at the Click Triangle Photo Festival in North Carolina and was totally blown away by his work. Currently wrapping up his Masters of Fine Arts degree at East Carolina University, I have a feeling he’s going places.

Greg will be sharing with us work from his project titled, “Sympathetic Magic” In his words….

God, witches, devils, mythical creatures, speaking in tongues, snake and fire handling, and raising the dead all exist in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky.  For this body of work, I am appropriating family photographs, as well as vernacular images, to tell supernatural stories about my family history and the region that I come from. My work weaves together a personal narrative with the folkloric history of that area. Photoshop and the unpredictability of smart phone applications are used in a similar way to how a folktale unfolds. Each app is manipulating the story as a person might exaggerate a tale when they pass it along. By assembling family photographs and appropriating historical images, I am constructing stories with contemporary tools for manipulation and passing them along as visual folklore.