Brenda Francis Pelkey

©Brenda Francis Pelkey – Cheetas 2004

I love Brenda’s work and after seeing her retrospective show at the Art Gallery of Windsor, made the invitation to join us. Imagine my happiness at her acceptance! It’s very exciting to be able to welcome her to our gathering.

Brenda  has exhibited throughout Canada as well as Scotland, France, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Finland and England. Her works appear in numerous collections such as the MacKenzie Art Gallery, the Mendel Art Gallery, the Art Bank, the Winnipeg Art Gallery, the Dunlop Art Gallery, The Saskatchewan Arts Board, The Art Gallery of Windsor, Confederation Centre for the Arts, and The National Gallery of Canada. 

Her solo exhibitions include: “…the great effect of the imagination on the world” (1989), Foundry (1990), “dreams of life and death” (1994), Momento Mori (1996), Oblivion (1999), As if there were grace (2000), Haunts (2001), Hierophony (2003) and Spaces of Transformation (2006) and Threshold (2005), From the Outside In (2013) and numerous group exhibitions. Her most recent exhibition (2016): Territories: a Retrospective, curated by Catharine Mastin at the Art Gallery of Windsor will be shown in four venues across the country. Brenda Francis Pelkey is a Professor at the University of Windsor.

Brenda will also be sharing with us her new book, “Territories” on Black Dog Press. Don’t miss getting your copy at the gathering or purchase it before through Amazon and have it with you for signing.

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