Mary Stewart Adams – Night Sky Storyteller

We are so happy to have with us this year at Photostock a local treasure! This is going to be good, folks. Those of you interested in the night sky take notice as you’re not going want to miss this.

Mary Stewart Adams, founder and former program director of the international dark sky park at the Headlands in Mackinaw City, is an award-winning public speaker, traveling globally from her home in Northern Michigan to teach a humanities-based approach to understanding the night sky. Her “Storyteller’s Night Sky” radio segment can be heard each Monday on Interlochen Public Radio.

After the Solstice Sun sets down, the night is adorned with the starry crown and the attendant high constellations of summer, which include Leo, the Scorpion, and the star-crossed lovers Vega and Altair. The Milky Way begins its sojourn highest overhead in this season, and this year, the red planet Mars is leaning in closer than it has before, attended throughout the night by the giants Jupiter and Saturn. Venus will be brilliant as evening star during our Photostock gathering, and though the Moon will dominate  the skies at waxing gibbous phase, it sets the stage for some dramatic moments moments over the lake.