Addison Brown

It’s a pleasure to have Addison Brown with us this year as a presenter.  Addison came to Photostock last year as an unassuming participant and recent MFA graduate and proceeded to wow people with his work and work ethic. I am very happy he agreed to come back this year to formally present his work to the group.

It’s been quite a year for Addison and it does the heart good see him getting the attention out there that he deserves. He will be presenting his ongoing body of work, Suspension of Disbelief and discuss both influences and historical references in photography and cinema.

Addison is a photography-based artist currently living in Huntsville, Alabama. He received his BA in photography at the University of Alabama Huntsville in 2012 and a MFA in photography at East Carolina University in 2017. His interests in history, photography and cinema often blend together with the use of historic photographic processes concerned with dramatic narrative, identity and confrontation. His work takes the form of one-of-a-kind, unique photographic objects that typically employ techniques in woodcraft and metalworking.