2018 Schedule

Welcome to Photostock2018!

Thank you so much for joining us! If you’ve been before, you know how things go around here. It can be a pretty loose event, but we do our best to stay on schedule. For this reason, I hope you’ll settle in, introduce yourself around and get into the the relaxed spirit of Photostock. This is a great bunch of people and you’ll find we’re a pretty open and friendly group. You’re going to see some fantastic work and meet some great people.

 Like last year, we have moved things up a bit to leave some time in the evenings for people to go out and catch the evening light. Our presenters have come a long way to share their work with you, so I hope you’ll attend their presentations.

Wednesday, June 20

9:00 Dan Burkholder Workshop
Photostock Workshop near Cross Village. Although the main event doesn’t start until Thursday, Dan’s workshop will start at 9:00AM today and go all day. This is only for those who have registered and paid for the workshop. Please, no visitors. We will break for lunch midday at the Moosejaw Junction down the hill. 

Thursday, June 21

9:00 Dan Burkholder Workshop
Photostock Workshop near Cross Village. This is the final day of Dan’s workshop for those who have registered. Only for registered workshop students. Please, no visitors today. Dan will be speaking to the general registration on Friday night.

2:00 Registration Begins.
Pick up your laminate pass and pre-purchased meal tickets at the registration table in the Birchwood Sunroom. For those not yet registered, there is a registration fee of $150 for the weekend. We will also have a merchandise table where we’ll have books,  and other goodies brought by our presenters for your consideration. Several of the special guests will have books and maybe even some prints for sale. This table will be open and staffed before and after the presentations. Feel free to stop by and have a look!

There are no scheduled presentations until 6PM, so please use this time to wander about, greet old friends and introduce yourself to new ones as people arrive.

5:30 Welcome! – Join Bill Schwab in the basement room for welcome orientation and acknowledgements prior to the beginning of the presentations from this years featured guests.

6:00 Brian Culbertson 

7:00 Richard Boutwell

8:00 Mary Stewart Adams – Night Sky Storyteller

9:00 Shoot!
We’re moving the presentations up and into the afternoon in some cases to allow for some shooting in the evening light. We hope you’ll get out and make the best of it! The sun will still be up for awhile and with any luck, it will be shining. After that, expect a nice, long golden hour of twilight for your photographing pleasure. There is a lot to photograph around here and it is waiting for you out there.

Friday, June 22

8:00 Breakfast
Those with meal tickets – 8:00 – 9:00 AM

9:00 Digital Negatives with Richard Boutwell**
All registered for this workshop should gather in the basement, “Forrest Room” for an intensive day of learning to make digital negatives for alternative process printing.This workshop is sold-out and there are a lot of students, so be prepared to task the brain and delve in. We expect this shop to last much of the day and if you are in this workshop, you either have a will soon have communication further preparing you. 

**This class has been very popular and should not take a full day. For this reason, we are considering splitting it into morning and afternoon groups. Please stay tuned. If signed up, you will be notified  by email.

9:00 Get Your Gear On
Let’s face it, as photographers, we all love our gear and at Photostock, there are people into all kinds of different cameras and processes. This is a great time to set up out in the courtyard and show it off. This is something that goes on much of the weekend, but consider this a good time to wander and see what people are working with.

5:00 Dinner- Courtyard

6:00 S. Kay Young

7:00 Brian Day

8:00 Dan Burkholder


Saturday, June 22

8:00 Breakfast on the veranda

10:00 Portfolio Sharing
Although people will be sharing their work amongst themselves all weekend, the formal portfolio viewing and sharing has become one of the favorite aspects of Photostock. It’s been amazing to see the progression in people’s work over the years and this is your time to let it shine. We’ll be utilizing the basement meeting room as well as the sun room this year in order to accommodate everyone.

11:00-11:30 Print Exchange
Want to go home with an original photograph from one of the Photostock2015 attendees? Bring a print to enter in the print exchange! Simply bring a finished and signed, original print to enter into the exchange and you will go home with one randomly picked during the exchange. Each print enter is assigned a number and they you pick numbers out of a hat. It’s that simple. One of the favorite parts of Photostock, your print does not have to be mounted, but it must be signed. Don’t miss out!

12:00 Annual Group Photo
Each year we do a group photo at a time when most people are on the grounds. Be up in the courtyard and ready to go for a picture before heading off to your various lunch plans. Don’t miss it if you can be there!

5:00 Dinner
Meal Ticket Holders – Dinner between 5 and 6PM

7:00 Deb Schwedhelm

8:00 Addison Brown

10:00 Party on the Veranda
Time to kick back on the patio and under the big tent for an evening of socializing and more. This is our last night together and you’ll definitely want to hang around. Saturday parties at Photostock have been things of legends and it’s time to make some more. This will be a BYOB event, so please be sure to take care of your bottles and cans. If you bring it, take it away be it empty or full. We have a great relationship and track record with the fine people of the Birchwood Inn and we want to keep it that way. It will also be easier to clean up and pack in the morning for our respective trips home.

Sunday, June 24

11:00 Check Out
As has become the tradition, Sunday is break-down day when everyone packs up their gear, says their goodbyes and gets on the road home. There are no scheduled events for today. 11:00 is check-out time at the hotel, but you shouldn’t feel as if you have to run. Still, many do get going and the place clears out pretty quick. Hopefully by this time you will have had such a good time and will be so charged up about your work and that of others, that you will need a rest before you get back to work with your newly recharged energy.

Happy Solstice!

Before you go, consider booking your room for 2019! The dates have already been set and work is in progress to secure special guests for another great year.

Photostock 2018
 June 20-23 -
 Same time. Same Place.