A.D. Coleman

A.D. Coleman (photo by Anna Lung)

It’s very exciting to have the great photo critic, educator and writer, A. D. Coleman with us this year! The very first photo critic for the New York Times, authoring over 120 articles during his tenure.

Never a stranger to controversy, Mr. Coleman will be sharing with us his Alternate History: Robbert Capa on D-Day. This is going to be an extremely interesting presentation, I can assure you. While with us, he will also be participating in our Saturday panel discussion as well as making himself available for conversation while hanging out and enjoying the Photostock vibe.

A. D. Coleman has published 8 books and more than 2000 essays on photography and related subjects. In addition to the New York times, he is formerly a columnist for the Village Voice, the New York Times, and the New York Observer and now contributes to ARTnews, Art On Paper, and Technology Review. His syndicated essays on mass media, new communication technologies, art, and photography are featured in such periodicals as Juliet Art Magazine (Italy), European Photography (Germany), and La Fotografia (Spain). His work has been translated into 21 languages and published in 30 countries.