Workshops at Photostock 2014
Handcrafted: Paint and the Photograph with Holly Roberts

boybarefoot_rider-48x45_2013June 16 – 19, 2014

This will be an intensive, but very fun, 4-day workshop with a very well known artist and fantastic instructor.  We’re fortunate to have Holly Roberts joining us this year for what should prove to be a memorable time. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Holly’s workshops and how they are rewarding both as creative exploration as well as an artistically cathartic experience. This is sure to be one of the more remembered workshops of Photostocks past and future.

By learning to paint expressively, the photographer can begin to make rich and varied grounds for their photographic images.  Once the background surfaces have been made by applying paint onto panels, the student will learn to incorporate their photographic images onto those surfaces in different ways. The act of painting allows the student access to their most immediate and creative self, and by integrating the two different media,  they will be able to understand what process works best in marrying the photograph with their altered surfaces.  The result will be unique, one of a kind images.  We will cover transfers, gluing techniques, painting techniques, surfaces, supports, media compatibility, and will use acrylic paints.

Students will be expected to bring a selection of printed photographs from their archives with the intention of incorporating them into permanent pieces. We will also have means of digitally printing files for students to work with from high resolution files they provide.

Experience Level: All
$675.00 (includes general registration and materials fees)